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Calling all Starseeds & Enlightened Beings

Join 2021’s Supercharged Galactic Energy Activations

 The Pleiadian Council of Light, Acturian Head Council and Sirian Keepers of Light Codes wish you to join us. These two hour online channelled, guided meditation events are on these potent dates: 9/9, 10/10, 11/11, 12/12 and The Solstice 21/12. 

The Angelic Realm and these Galactic Beings of tremendous light will continue to be channelled by Robert Sampoorna. Helping us to transition into deeper aspects of the 5th and 6th dimensions. Access and implement the new interdimensional human operating system.

 "You are the ones that will begin the resurrection, the ascension, of the fallen physical realms in this sector of the universe.

You came into embodiment in the harshest of circumstances and you were able to maintain and grow a consciousness so that you could be at this moment in service to creation.

We stand in gratitude for the part that you contributed and we sit with you in this grand gathering, unified, in the love that we are unified in our service to all of creation." Archangel Gabriel 31.08.21

  • Be Activated: Raise your frequency with light language
  •  Experience: Accelerated growth & development
  • Awaken: Your spiritual gifts with sacred heart activations
Leave the busyness of the mind, let go of the ego and feel lighter and more connected to the unified field of consciousness. Experience the expansiveness of living from your heart in everyday life. These monthly events will shift and activate you.

  • Receive: Email reminders & zoom links for each event
  • Save: Time & money (Normally $15 per event)
  • Be Guided By: Psychic Starseed Coaches 
  • Access: To All Recordings
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