INTRODUCING: A Video Guide From a world-Reknown Yoga Instructor
Shedding & Spike Protein Energy Protection Workshop

Clearing with Pure Consciousness, 
Pure Light & Pure Love 

 This 24th Dimension Energy Protection Workshop is going to be life changing. Let us guide you to work with pure consciousness, pure light and pure love to easily and effectively clear all types of energetic distortions.

Chiming bowls, sage, palo santo and traditional spiritual energy clearing methods are no longer potent enough to combat the increased variety and frequency of invisible negative energy afflicting humanity.  

Discover up-to-date information from the planet's Keeper of the Light, and embodied master. Robert brings his incredible knowledge and skills gathered from many years of communicating and working with the Galactic Council, the Galactic Federation, Celestial Beings, Archangels, and Ascended Masters.

Most people’s energy is infiltrated by:-

  • Distortions  in the physical body
  •  Distortions parasites
  • Spiritual and Galactic Implants
  • ​Consciousness and DNA blockers
  • Phone calls and Zoom calls 
  • ​Using  Facebook
  • Low frequency distortions triggering negative emotions 
This parasitical energy can keep you in a low state mentally, emotionally and physically. Once you learn how to clear yourself and stay protected you can maintain a high frequency and vitality, health and wellbeing will insu.  

Given the current global health crisis and many people having a biological toxin administered into themselves, you will also need to learn how to clear your energy from their shedding affect. This kind of distortion is transferred to you by being in close proximity to someone and can infiltrate your energy field, your physical body and can definitely negatively affect your health. 

You will learn this and much more in this 2 hour workshop: 

  • Discover how to be masterful at maintaining your Physical Energy & Frequency
  • Understand how to detect energetic distortions
  • Learn tools and techniques to clear yourself and others
  • Know how  to keep your home distortion free
  • ​Create daily rituals to clear and protect yourself with ease 
  • ​Learn how to clear yourself from ‘shedding’
  • Prevent Spike Proteins Affecting Your Health & Energy
  • Learn what  to do to protect all of your electrical devices
This workshop will be a combination of teaching and guided meditations.

If you are a star seed, work with the public, have children, are a healer, work in the complementary health field, are spiritually aware and awake, or are looking to upgrade your energy clearing skills then this is the workshop for you. 

You will be assisting humanity and the will of the Creator. By maintaining your frequency and removing all types of distortions you will assist in raising the collective consciousness of humanity as we ascend deeper into the 5th and 6th dimension. 

You will learn this and much more in this 2 hour workshop: 

Robert Sampoorna’s role on earth is to maintain a balance between the light and the dark, keeping the balance of positive harmonics for everyone on the planet. He is clearing all types of spiritual and galactic beings on a daily basis, and uses his skills to clear the land, help possessed people, haunted places and all types of buildings. 

Robert takes part in a tremendous amount of planetary work with the higher realms of consciousness, clearing through interdimensional portals, sacred sites and the earth's ley lines and grid lines. 

Receiving lots of downloads from the channeling he does, bringing forward the most up-to-date tools and techniques to help you maintain your health, protect and clear your energy, your workplace, your home and loved ones.  

Being able to see spirit, hear spirit and talk to all interdimensional beings is a truly beautiful gift. Roberts' ability to see all the different varieties and kinds of distortions plus being able to see into the human body enables Robert to guide you to gain knowledge and understanding of how to clear your body of low frequency health and energy distortions. 

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