ATTENTION: Psychic Development Ascension School Series 2 (Levels 10 - 18)  

Learn even more from the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Continue to ascend with Master Kuthumi guiding you into the 6th dimension.
What You Will Learn From This 9 Level Course:
Secret #1: Be Guided By The Archangelics & Galactic Beings of Light
This is another channelled course. The Archangelics and Galactic Beings of light join us again for guidance, deeper activations and help on the daily use and application of your psychic super powers.
Secret #2: Receive Tools to Live In The 5/6th Dimension 24/7
Live in the warmth, beauty and serenity of your sacred heart, accessing all dimensions and possibilities with a breath.
Secret #3: Live Your Life Purpose In The Present Moment
Open the connection to your divine purpose and deepen your access to your spirit guides. Harness the energy in your will and power centres to step into your divinity.
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